How to Get a Verified Badge on Instagram

Mistertekno, Verified Badge on Instagram - Having a verified badge, also known as the blue checkmark, on your Instagram account is a form of validation that confirms the authenticity of the account. Whether you are a public figure, a celebrity, or a business owner, obtaining the blue checkmark can enhance your credibility and reputation. In this article, we will guide you through getting verified on Instagram, ensuring that your account stands out and gains recognition.

How to Get a Verified Badge on Instagram

Requirements for Getting a Verified Badge

To be eligible for the verified badge on Instagram, you must meet certain criteria and ensure that your account fulfills the requirements. Here are the key conditions outlined by Instagram:

  • Compliance with Instagram's Terms of Use and Community Guidelines: It is essential to abide by Instagram's rules and guidelines, promoting a safe and positive community environment.
  • Representation of a Genuine Person, Business, or Entity: The verified account should accurately represent an individual, a registered business, or an official entity.
  • Unique Representation: Each person or business can only have one verified account unless exceptions exist for accounts with specific languages.
  • A Public Account with a Bio, Profile Picture, and Activity: Your account must be public and have a bio, a profile picture, and regular activity.
  • Relevance and Popularity: The account should represent a well-known and highly searched individual, brand, or entity. Instagram reviews the account's presence in various news sources, excluding paid or sponsored content.

How to Obtain the Verified Badge on Instagram

If you qualify as a public figure, celebrity, or business owner and fulfill the requirements above, you can proceed with the verification badge application. Follow these step-by-step instructions to request verification:

  1. Log in to Instagram: Access your Instagram account using the account credentials you wish to verify.
  2. Open Your Profile: Tap on the profile picture icon in the bottom-right corner to open your profile.
  3. Access Settings: Tap on the menu icon (three horizontal lines) at the top right corner, then select "Settings & Privacy."
  4. Select Account Type and Features: Under the "For Professionals" section, choose "Account Type and Features."
  5. Request Verification: Select the "Request Verification" option.
  6. Provide Your Details: Enter your full name and provide the necessary identification proof (e.g., a National ID Card or official business documents) as requested.
  7. Follow the Instructions: Follow the on-screen instructions provided, then click on "Submit."

Important Considerations for Verification Requests

While your account may meet the eligibility criteria, submitting a verification request does not guarantee that it will be approved or receive the verified badge. Even if you submit multiple verification requests, there is no assurance that your account will be verified.

Submitting multiple verification requests before receiving a decision on your previous request will cancel your registration.

Once your account successfully obtains the verified badge, it is crucial not to change your username, as the verification cannot be transferred to another account.

If you misuse or provide misleading information during the verification process, Instagram reserves the right to remove the verified badge and potentially disable your account.

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Obtaining the coveted blue checkmark, indicating a verified Instagram account provides substantial benefits for public figures, celebrities, and businesses. By adhering to Instagram's guidelines, maintaining an active and genuine presence, and following the verification process, you can increase your account's credibility and visibility. Remember that verification is just one aspect of building a successful and influential Instagram presence. Combine it with engaging content, authentic interactions, and effective marketing strategies to maximize your impact on the platform.

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