P2E and Its Main Differences from Other Gaming Projects

Mister Tekno, The Play to Earn scheme is a widely known way to produce some good income while enjoying games. It motivates you to achieve more in the game (through taking part in tournaments, upgrading characters, selling or trading in-game property, etc.) with great crypto rewards. 

P2E and Its Main Differences from Other Gaming Projects

The global GameFi market is now valued at approximately 200 billion dollars and will reach the number 550 by 2028. Moreover, the trend caught on so well that most games in the future will incorporate the play to earn model with cryptocurrencies and NFTs (non-fungible tokens). 

Since there is no doubt about the immense impact of the cryptocurrency and P2E industry on the global finance and gaming sphere, it’s vital to know why P2E is so special and how to start making profits from it. If you dream about a career in the GameFi industry that allows you to earn digital assets, read the article further to find answers. 

What Makes P2E Superior to Any P2P Game?

The good and old gaming tradition where playing just to play is already vanishing into the past, giving its place to the Play to Earn model. In the old system, it is the player who pays money to receive exclusive game features, perks, and benefits and be able to advance more. This never includes an opportunity to earn except for game earnings which have no use in real life. 

In contrast, the play to earn model resembles the open economy model and lets every user get rewards and use them as real finance. This incentivizes players to make valuable contributions to the metaverse and compete against other players. Contributions can include simply playtime, enrolling in special events, or completing specific game tasks. 

In a P2E metaverse, you are likely to encounter a few currencies that include:

  • NFTs
  • Other blockchain-based cryptos

These digital assets are either used as funds or tokens to trade or sell. Upgraded characters or items bred with much effort and investment are assigned special value and have the potential to bring more profit and be sold on auctions or just to peers for a considerable price. 

How to Become a Professional Crypto Gamer with P2E Games

If you are ready to spend hours and hours for digital rewards, then welcome to the starting point of becoming a P2E player. For instance, starting your journey as an Axie Infinity player will require the following steps. Mind that the process won’t be as fast as many people think it could be.

Step 1. Get yourself a digital wallet.

Because all crypto games use cryptocurrency, you will surely need to install a crypto wallet first. Make use of the official recommendations that creators share. As for Axie Infinity, this will be the MetaMask wallet. Download it on your device and open the account. 

Step 2. Purchase some cryptocurrency, depending on the game you want to start playing.

Buy Ethereum at the start. The simplest way is to do it through a reliable exchange service that supports many coins and tokens and can convert a lot of pairs in different combinations from NEO to BTC to ETH to DOGE. 

Step 3. Enter the metaverse and buy your first characters or digital property. 

In-game characters usually can be bought on the official marketplace or find a player who is willing to lend you some. Many players use Ronin Wallet as a browser extension to make easy deposits in ETH. 

Step 4. Set up an account. 

Once your Axies are ready, create an account and download the game on the preferred device (or several). Get acquainted with the rules, try different modes, and explore features on the way. 

If you’re at a loss where to exchange your fiat currency to crypto, use LetsExchange.io – this anonymous cryptocurrency exchange will serve you as a good place to get cryptocurrency needed for the P2E game. 

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