5 Cheap Home Insurance UK Options

Mister Tekno, Some people consider getting cheap home insurance UK that can protect them in case they need to cover any cost if their belongings or damages are stolen or broken. Just like the other insurance types, home insurance also involves a monthly payment premium.

Cheap Home Insurance UK

The best insurance for a home is the one that is going to cover the worth of the home contents as well as the true cost of the home and also repair any damage to the building. It is crucial for you to compare policies in order to get the best home insurance detail.

Best Cheap Home Insurance UK

Home insurance itself can be split into two different policies: content insurance and building insurance. You are free to get each of them separately or gain them together in a combined policy. To help you find the best and cheap home insurance policies, here are some recommendations.

1. Esure

If you are looking for home insurance with a 5-star Defaqto rating, you will want home insurance by Esure. This insurance provider was established in 2000 by a businessman named Sir Peter Wood. The founder of this cheap home insurance UK provider was also a founder of Direct Line insurance.

Esure was originally launched with some insurance products like car and home insurance but now it also provides many other insurance products like travel insurance. The goal of this company is to offer home insurance at high rate but at a lower cost along with excellent customer service.

The policy of home insurance by Esure covers fire, flood or storm, earthquake or thunderbolt or lightning, explosion, falling branches or trees, landslip or heave or subsidence, smoke, and others.

2. Swinton

Swinton has been providing cheap home insurance UK for over 60 years. The major products offered by this insurance provider are home insurance and car insurance. Swinton offers contents insurance, building insurance, and a combined policy with a discount.

Swinton also offers the Essential policy which is the basic option and two other policies named Classic policy and Premier policy. Swinton offers a three levels policy as well as some underwriters. This is going to be the most suitable option for various situations.

Swinton allows the policyholder to manage the policy online simply by clicking the button named My Account that in the homepage of Swinton.

3. Sheila’s Wheels

The next cheap home insurance UK to consider is Sheila’s Wheels Insurance which offers contents insurance and buildings insurance. People love this amazing insurance product by Sheila’s Wheels since there is a discount for buying two insurance products together.

Also, Sheila’s Wheels offers family legal protection and home emergency cover for free in the first year when you purchase the combined contents and buildings policy. Sheila’s Wheels itself is a phone-based and online based insurance provider that was established in 2005.

The home insurance policy by Sheila’s Wheels covers various risks including accidental damage, impact by an animal or vehicle, escape of oil, escape of water, and many other risks.

4. Policy Expert

Policy Expert is another cheap home insurance UK that has excellent customer ratings. You can get a home insurance policy from Policy Expert online by going to the provider’s website directly. This provider is going to ask you to fill out a questionnaire about the home you own.

Policy Expert offers various plans that come with several differences. The main difference between those plans is the limits of the policy. The Essentials plan for example is providing up to £500,000 of the buildings cover and the Premier plan will provide cover up to £750,000.

There is also a Midas plan offered by Policy Expert. This plan provides buildings covering up to £1 Million. In order to save money, avoid buying more cover than you need.

5. Hastings Direct

The last cheap home insurance UK to consider is Hastings Direct Insurance which also has a 5-star Defaqto rating. But the ratings are for Direct and Premier plans, not for the Essential plan. Hastings Direct comes with competitive prices, a convenient app, and an online portal.

When you are considering Hastings Direct’s home insurance policies, consider getting the Premier or Direct plan since they have much better features compared to the Essential one.

When looking for cheap home insurance in the UK, there are several options and factors to consider. Here are some key points based on the information obtained:

MoneySuperMarket and MoneySavingExpert were unavailable at the time of fetching the information, so we will focus on the other sources.

CompareTheMarket offers home insurance quotes and suggests that adjusting the voluntary excess can lead to cheaper premiums. It's important to note that a credit check may not directly affect your credit score, but having poor credit can impact the cost of insurance. They also provide personal possessions cover for valuables outside the home and offer add-ons for specific coverage areas. 

Different types of locks can affect security, with multi-point locking systems on uPVC doors being more secure than night latches. It's crucial to notify your insurer during building works, as this may result in higher premiums and coverage restrictions. Burst pipes and leaks are generally covered by most policies. Additionally, tenants need contents insurance, while landlords are responsible for buildings insurance. Farmhouses require specialized farm insurance, as standard home insurance may not provide adequate coverage.

GoCompare allows you to compare prices from 68 UK insurers for combined home insurance, which includes both buildings and contents coverage. The average annual cost for combined insurance is £190. They offer optional extras, and their website provides useful guides to home insurance. It's recommended to notify insurers about renovations, and specialized insurance is available for unoccupied homes and listed buildings.

uSwitch offers a range of consumer credit products, but their home insurance section was not available for reference.

Confused.com lets you compare insurers for cheap home insurance that covers damage from various events. You can choose from buildings insurance, contents insurance, or a combined policy. They provide a quote based on property details and factors like size, location, and security. Their coverage includes fire, flooding, theft, and more. 

They also mention the Flood Re Scheme, which helps those living in high-risk flood areas. It's important to assess your coverage needs based on the rebuild cost and the value of your possessions. They also suggest considering lodger insurance if you have tenants and checking if your property is listed. They offer ways to save, policy extras, and customer reviews.

MoneyExpert recommends home insurance for homeowners, as buildings insurance is often required for mortgages. They highlight additional options like accidental damage and personal possessions cover. It's important to consider factors such as excess, single article limits, and tree proximity. They advise notifying your insurer of any changes and assessing the need for renovation insurance. 

In the event of burglary or damage, it's essential to inform the police and your insurer and evaluate the worthiness of a claim. Coverage for garages, sheds, and gardens should also be checked. They mention that home insurance is available everywhere, with higher costs in flood-prone areas. Canceling within the cooling-off period is generally easier. Considering the cost of replacing possessions is also crucial.

To find the best cheap home insurance in the UK, it's recommended to compare quotes from multiple providers, consider your specific needs and coverage requirements, and review policy details and customer reviews.

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So many cheap home insurance UK recommendations may confuse you in choosing the right product. Here are five of the cheapest home insurance policies you need to consider before thinking about other products from other companies.

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